What does FLYN-YACHTING offer ?

FLYN-YACHTING delivers, for the most part, products in the form of certificates, calculations and detailed supporting evidence to justify compliance with one or more regulatory criteria. Some products may cover one or more years (temporary admission), others may cover only a few hours (sale in international waters).

FLYN-YACHTING joue un rôle de tiers de confiance vis à vis, à la fois, de l’armateur et de l’administration : sans aucun point de vue subjectif, le certificat délivré au professionnel acte une navigation, le respect ou non-respect de tel critère objectif.

In other words, equipped with a sharp expertise on the fiscal, customs, social and environmental regulations applicable to Yachting, FLYN-YACHTING's products confront the regulatory requirement with the reality of the navigation and calculations and certificates directly usable for the professional concerned, and opposable to the administration :



Calculation of VAT rates resulting during a Charter or a Transport agreement


Admission to TA

Proof of the date of first admission to TA



Duration of a sailor's time stationing in French ports, out of shipyards and works periods



Map of anchorage points in relation to authorized limits

In addition to the products delivered in the form of certificates, FLYN-YACHTING also develops real-time services in the form of alerts such as crossing an area boundary, monitoring of fleet movements, etc.

Liste de nos produits