What does FLYN-YACHTING offer?

FLYN-YACHTING delivers, for the most part, products in the form of certificates, calculations and detailed supporting evidence to justify compliance with one or more regulatory criteria. Some products may cover one or more years (temporary admission), others may cover only a few hours (sale in international waters).

FLYN-YACHTING plays the role of a trusted third party vis-à-vis both the shipowner and the administration: without any subjective point of view, the certificate issued to the professional tells whether objective criteria are respected or not.

In other words, equipped with a sharp expertise on the fiscal, customs, social and environmental regulations applicable to Yachting, FLYN-YACHTING's products confront the regulatory requirement with the reality of the navigation and calculations and certificates directly usable for the professional concerned, and opposable to the administration :



Calculation of VAT rates resulting during a Charter or a Transport agreement


Admission to TA

Proof of the date of first admission to TA



Duration of a sailor's time stationing in French ports, out of shipyards and works periods



Map of anchorage points in relation to authorized limits

Notre offre:

FLYN-YACHTING offers two types of contracts for each commercial contract (charter/transport) departing from France and Italy:

Regular annual contract: 

The regular contract is based on tracking delivered automatically at the end of each commercial operation (charter or transport agreement). The FLYN-YACHTING contract includes:

  • Tracing of AIS positions of the yacht
  • Real-time access to navigation-based fiscal data during the cruise
  • Automatic report of the taxable base
  • Automatic report of the 70% high seas rule rating

Premium annual contract:

The premium contract consists in the following additional services to the regular contract provided by a navigation expert:

  • Full assistance prior and during the cruise
  • Report includes charts and proof-making elements of navigation
  • The certified report is valid for any fiscal audit from authorities
  • Annual 70% high seas report cumulated on all voyages

Nos services:

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