Details on the technical conditions for the development of FLYN's products & services

1. FLYN-YACHTING makes sure in an optimal way to satisfy the precise need of the customer, within the framework of the description of the product.
2. The fixed prices include the acquisition of data from a specialized site for the collection of AIS positions by ground stations, for the period under consideration.
3. Depending on the products requested, a position is acquired every day, every hour or every 5 to 15 minutes over the period covered.
4. If several products are ordered for the same yacht and the same period, a discount will be offered by FLYN-YACHTING.
5. The Customer (yacht) may, at the start of the product development, provide its own navigation data instead of the data acquired by FLYN-YACHTING, subject to the accuracy and technical continuity of the information (latitude-longitude-date and hour-minute + time zone) proposed; this may be subject to a discount on the price. On the other hand, the report based on these data will not have the same credibility vis-à-vis the administration, in particular the tax authorities.
6. In case of a "hole" in the data (yacht out of range of a ground station), and that is critical for the quality of the product, it is possible (a) to complete with satellite data (but they are very expensive) (b) to complete temporarily with the yacht's own navigation data (c) to complete temporarily with the yacht's own navigation data.
7. The contract cannot proceed normally in the event that regular AIS positions are not issued, by choice or by failure of equipment.
8. When the elaboration is suspended due to the absence of position data or commercial information, the sums received in advance, corresponding to the creation of the file and the acquisition of the data, are kept by FLYN-YACHTING. The creation and delivery of the product are resumed upon receipt of the missing data. If the service contract is terminated by mutual agreement, FLYN-YACHTING shall retain the amount received in advance.
9. The VAT calculation reports must be validated by the fiscal representative of the yacht; the production of the documents bearing proof of the nature of the stopovers (invoices) & passenger movements (passenger list) are at the charge of the yacht.
10. For those parts of the cruise including a leg departing from a country other than France or Monaco, for example a leg leaving Italy following the disembarkation of a passenger in an Italian port, only the calculated parameters of distance (transport contract) or duration (transport contract) will be provided for that particular segment, unless the tax rules applicable to the departure from the country in question have been provided or confirmed.