Our company

FLYN-YACHTING is a company created in the summer of 2020 after having received numerous requests for assistance from Yachting professionals, caught in disputes concerning the yachts they manage, all related to the navigation of these yachts: tax status, duration or sailing distances.

We have therefore devoted development time to fine-tune the algorithms, servers and databases for yacht location.

This phase enabled us to validate the processing chain from the acquisition of position data (yacht name and MMSI designator) to navigation data (route, stopover, zone crossing), location data (in what territorial sea, country, region, department is it and under what tax status?) and, finally, the zone of activity (port, shipyard, anchorage) and the maritime regulations governing access to this zone (anchorage bans).

    Our assets

    To deliver high-end services, our team and our navigation experts are available to answer your needs.

    Moreover, we have many assets, reliability and expertise proofs, to allow you to ensure a safe trip:

    • We are using precise localization technologies which are associated with leading algorithms: we attach a crucial importance to the reliability of our porducts, especially concerning the accuracy of the geomatics calculations carried out, for example the palce and date/time of entry into given territorial waters. If an inaccuracy iss found in the location of the yacht, we will indicate it into the report. Depending on the duration of uncertainty concerned, a note is issued by FLYN-YACHTING on the overall validity of the delivered certificate.
    • Our team has an optimal knowledge of the applicable regulations regarding tax, legal, social, maritime and environnemental sectors, and ensure a permanent supervision in order to apply the appropriate regulation in a precise way or to ask the authority for more details. 
    • The systematic intervention of expert drafters, ensuring the delivery of a document personally verified by an expert, probative (therefore with value as evidence in a dispute), whose model complies with the requirements of the administrations concerned and guarantees your legal and tax security in the long term. 
    • FLYN-YACHTING's suite of services and products does not replace your stakeholders, agents or tax representatives, it lightens their repetitive tasks and makes their documentary reference system relating to the navigation and berthing of the yacht more reliable. 

    Our requirements

    All certificates issued by FLYN-YACHTING or "products" are elaborated, verified and countersigned by a navigation expert.

    When the only AIS observation of the yacht's movements is not sufficient, FLYN-YACHTING, via the service contract, makes the proper elaboration of the product dependent on the declarations of the shipowner or his captain, for example: type of contract, commercial nature or not of a port call, movements of passengers during call, navigational complements out of AIS range, etc.

    It is up to the professional who ordered the product to ensure the adequacy of the yacht's situation - for instance its tax situation, or its ability to carry out commercial navigations, or even the profit "previous year declaration of 70%" navigation on the high seas - or have it confirmed by the tax or customs expert of the shipowner or other yachting professionals. Except for some "real time" alert services, no FLYN-YACHTING product is automatic: there is always an expert behind.

    Notre équipe

    Thierry Voisin

    Thierry Voisin


     Thierry Voisin was immersed in the world of yachtingfrom a very young age. His career started at the heart of his family business at the Voisin shipyard in Villefranche-sur-Mer, just next to Nice. After acquiring solid training and experience in the refitting, repair, and construction of yachts, he created a number of companies acting in the yachting industry, including FLYN-YACHTING where he manages the sale and marketing department. 

    Laurent Monsaingeon

    Laurent Monsaingeon


    After 15years of navigation as a naval officer and a long-term experience in international engineering Laurent Monsaingeon managed the port of the CCI Nice Côte d'Azur: Nice, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Cannes and Golfe-Juan from 1996 to 2013. In 2015, he joined ECPY, the European Committee for Professional Yachting, as a Board Member and he led the team to create the ECPY Transport Agreement in 2017. In 2019, he created with Thierry Voisin FLYN-YACHTING for which he developped together, with his son Augustin the algorithms, databases and products (tax analysis, tables and charts, manual and automatic reports).

    With his experience and expertise in navigation and taxation applied to charter and transport contracts, he guarantees the perfect conformity of the reports and certificates issued by FLYN-YACHTING, regarding the requirements of the tax and customs authorities.

    Noémie Neilz

    Noémie Neilz

    Sale & Operations Manager

    Noémie Neilz studied and worked in the high-end luxury hospitality industry before moving to the yachting industry. Having worked as VAT representative and in a yachting association, she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector. Noémie looks forward to assist you this coming season.

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